This year was the twenty-sixth annual UW Math Day at the University of Washington campus in Seattle, WA. River View GEAR UP sent students two years ago who enjoyed the experience and inspired them to keep taking upper level math in high school. This year, River View partnered with Kiona-Benton HS and Columbia HS GEAR UP programs to make this a collaborative effort, outreaching to even more students participating in the grant.

Students signed up for their desired topics during a three session schedule. Concurrent session examples from the day were: how to slice a pizza like a mathematician, RSA encryption, to inifinity, and beyond, autocorrect fail? These are some of the most attended session choices by River View students. There were also special ticketed field trips to: the applied physics lab, planetarium, seismology lab, UW campus tour, and SAGE computer lab. Two engineering major students went to the SAGE computer lab, and two UW interested students went on the campus tour-great job taking advantage of those special ticketed field trips!

On Monday, March 21, a group of 35 students and 6 adults from the three schools set out on a marathon trip to the western side of the state. The group arrived at UW campus by 10am and were able to get into their first session choice almost on time. Students were able to explore campus for one hour during their lunch after session two, and all River View students met back at Meany Hall to hear from former River View student, and GEAR UP ambassador, Richard Parra. Richard is a freshman at UW, studying BioE. He answered questions about: dorm life, social experiences, selecting a major, support systems away from home, grades, how college differs from high school, and many other questions. Hearing from alumni of River View is always a rich and inspiring experience for current high school students.

A very special thank you to everyone who contributed toward making this experience great for Finley, Burbank, and KiBe students: Sarah Garza, Erika Martinez, Sandra Mondragon, Donna Conley, Sherri Nielsen-Hazard, Florinda Carrasco, Alyse Pivovarnik, Carin Waters, and the teaching and administration staff at all three schools!