As students started their summer vacations they also took the time to participate in the Columbia Basin College Ready for College Summer Camp. This camp was held during the week of June 20th to June 23rd. Students were greeted each morning by staff members and talked amongst their peers just before they were directed to their assigned classrooms. Every day student’s began their day of camp with a quick interactive entry task including playing ice breaker games such as a meet and greet bingo or getting into groups and playing charades. As the week progressed students became more comfortable and interactive with their classmates, some even developed friendships.

There were four main topics that were emphasized, each having their own day. Monday was centered on introducing students to the college life. Students were given quick campus tours and became familiar with the gym and library. After, students were given a presentation about why you should attend college. This presentation included a detailed explanation of the different incomes of a high school and college graduate. Students were shocked to see that a high school diploma on average only earns $16.50 an hour when a college graduate can make $32.60 depending on their degree and employment. Next, students were given activities to help them figure out what kind of learner they were, visual, audio or kinesthetic. According to the University of Illinois, 40 % of secondary students are visual learners while only 10% are auditory and 50% are kinesthetic. Some students were surprised to find out they were visual instead of kinesthetic learners. The activity included students filling out a questionnaire with various questions regarding how they learned best in different scenarios.

Tuesday focused on students planning for their personal life. The day was started by forming in a circle and getting to know each other and as one student would present their partner would follow. The lesson for that day included identifying if self-talk was a positive or negative activity. Students then participated in a class activity where they had to guess each other’s dreams. This was done by establishing SMART goals and placing them on the life board to represent when they wanted to complete them. SMART goals are supposed to be Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Realistic and Timely. The life board was used as a reminder of long and short term goals and to see what was required in order to achieve those goals. As students shared, many realized they had many similar goals. 

Wednesday was all about self-management. A TED talk video was watched named “The Power of Belief.” The talk was based on procrastination and the many reasons not to be an avid procrastinator. The key to be successful and present quality work is preparation. The Talk also made it clear that trying to cram in tons and tons of information the night before is never beneficial because it is not retained for long term shortage. After the TED talk students were given this fun math riddle that made them think how to get four people across a dark bridge while still following all the rules. Some students struggled but all of them enjoyed the challenge.  

Thursday morning students were given six slips of paper where they had to write down three similarities and three differences between themselves and their classmates. They then presented their slips of paper to the class and linked them together forming a long chain. Once the chain was complete, students were taken outside and took a group photo next to the CBC Hawk. Back inside, students began working on their growth poster that they would present that afternoon to their parents at the parent event. A couple of hours later students had gathered in the planetarium to watch a short film about the black hole. CBC admission counselors then presented about the various programs that CBC offers and the pre-requisites that are necessary to enter specific programs. This concluded the week and students were dismissed home and were reminded to bring their parents back to see their posters.   

That afternoon, the CBC camp organized a parent event that allowed students’ parents to stop by and walk around and see every ones poster. While walking through the gallery of posters, parents and students enjoyed pizza, cake, cookies and light refreshments. Students were excited as they walked through the doors to show their parents and fellow classmates their posters they had been working on during camp.

Thank you to CBC and River View High School Principal, Chris Davis for allowing Finley GEAR UP students to attend the camp. Students were granted 2 college elective credits for attending this camp and they were all very excited about that. This camp offered students many resources for different aspects of the college life including an introduction to a new academic environment, how to organize a personal life plan, self, as well as time-management and teamwork.