Riverview HS GEAR UP was excited to take students out to the WSU Tri-Cities campus to experience college life at a University. As students were recruited for this summer camp they were pleased to hear they would be attending workshops tailored to their career interests. Some chose Business and others Nursing but there were many options to choose from including Computer Science, Digital Technology & Culture,  Education, Engineering (Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical), Environmental Science,  Humanities & Social Sciences or Psychology.

Cougar Discovery was very insightful for Finley students; they spoke about how they enjoyed their hands on classes and learned new things about their careers. In the Nursing workshop, a variety of activities were done such as practicing how to take a manual blood pressure and running in place to check each other’s heart rates. There was also a professional panel with registered nurses from different departments and companies. This was a great opportunity to show students that a nursing degree can take someone in so many different directions. The jobs that are available vary and are endless.

One student took advantage about learning more about a career in business and said he got to design a restaurant layout. Students were grouped together and bounced different design ideas off one another. This allowed them to meet new people and learn how to work as a team. The collaborations were very interesting and impressive to see.

On two separate days students were taken on a tour of the Hanford site specifically where the Manhattan Project B Reactor resides. Students were bused over to the facility and given an extensive tour explaining everything about the B Reactor. There was a large collection of memorabilia laid out of how things would have looked during the time the B Reactor was on and working. This was quite the experience because it allowed students to learn about this very significant piece of history. Many took pictures while others just enjoyed the tour and looked around. 

As students wrapped up their week of camp, they got to participate in a very interactive presentation on the morning of their last day. This guest speaker was motivational and encouraged students to get to know their peers and communicate. Students were very pleased with their week at WSU Tri-Cities; they expressed how they had fun each day and were excited to return the next day.

Thank you to WSU Tri-Cities and River View High School Principal, Chris Davis, for allowing students to participate in this camp. Students had fun learning more about their career options and meeting new friends from various schools.