And they’re off! Walla Walla High School GEAR UP sent 43 students and 6 parents to Universities and Colleges across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho this spring and summer. Students participated in engaging campus tours and interactive career planning at banks, Boeing and investment agencies. Students and the parents were inviting to participate in one of 3 trips funded by GEAR UP dollars with the goal of getting students and their parents on campus at regional colleges that fit their interest. Students got a full picture of campus life from school representatives that were able to give robust tours of departments and highlight what their campuses had to offer. One group got a bonus opportunity of  attending a tour of Boeing, this is a much sought after ‘ticket’ and not very many people get to see the inside of this factory so it was a big treat for those students.

Students left each trip with a better understand of what they need to be doing now, in high school, to ensure success in college or in a career based learning environment. These trips didn’t come without homework, students had pre-work that they had to complete in order to attend and evening group work while on the trip. Students worked in groups to reflect on what they had seen each day and collaborated with each other on what they can do now to ensure a smooth transition after high school.