Spring is here at Prosser High School. PHS kicked off spring by concluding student led conferences, which took place from March 31- April 1st and dove right into spring break.  We had 340 cohort students attend their student led conference, which is the majority of cohort students. Just like previous years, GEAR UP staff was able to translate as well as promote upcoming events to cohort students. Students and parents were able to put a face with our GEAR UP staff, and are now aware of the different services GEAR UP has to offer.

GEAR UP staff has been working hard and diligently on a summer camp called Washington Business Week. This summer camp is offered at Gonzaga University, where the students will be able to attend workshops sessions based on the type of camp they choose.  These sessions will be a weeklong camp, which will take place in July 10-16th, 2016. Students had the opportunity to choose between Business or Healthcare workshops. At these workshops they will be able to experience a real-life setting of how to run a clinic or small business. There will also be professionals guest speakers, who will be able to give the students a few tips on how to be successful in their career choice.

Since a lot of time/money/ and effort were put into this event, GEAR UP staff had to be very selective on who would be able to attend. Staff decided to enforce for the students who were interested in attending this event. Those requirements were to write a short response on why they think they should be able to attend, a copy of their transcript, and a letter of recommendation. After reviewing the students’ letters and letter of recommendation, we selected 15 students to take to this event. These students are as follows; Maria Zaragoza, Edith Raya, Kenia Lugo, Karla Martinez, Juana Martinez, Froy Contreras, Kennia Martinez, Araceli Sandoval, Daisy Deleon, Jacqueline Frias, Pablo Vera, Cristyan Zepeda, Brenda Ixta, Enrique Acevedo, and Karina Caro. Congratulations to these students!

April 20th, GEAR UP held its monthly social, where the students are able to interact amongst each other and have a good time participating in the activities planned for them. These socials are usually once a month so the students are aware of GEAR UP services and where we are located in the school. There wasn’t a huge turn out as the previous socials, but there was definitely new faces. Mrs. Wilson informed the students of GEAR UP’s last social, which will be held May 25th. Since it’s nearing the end of the school year, we have been thinking of holding this last social outside which will be a splash!