On July 10th, Prosser High School GEAR UP staff took 15 students to Gonzaga University to participate in Washington Business Week. Here the students were kept busy for a whole week, as they learned more about how healthcare and businesses work. Their day would usually start at 6:00 am and end till about 9:00 pm. Students were in workshops for an hour to three hours learning the fundamentals of how a clinic or business office works. The majority of the students we took attended Healthcare rather than business, however we had one student, Kennia Martinez, who attended the Business workshops.

The students who were in the Healthcare week, were divided into different clinics, which required them to work in small groups. In their small groups, each student was given a role to fulfill within their clinic. Each student was responsible for their assigned role, and ensure that their role in the clinic was met. If one student didn’t fulfill their role, it affected the whole clinic. Some of the roles assigned were Finance, Budgeting, CEO, Operator Manager, Marketing, Human resources, and Safety Officers. The students performed their roles, and learned how each role contributes to the clinic. Healthcare professionals assisted the group with their assignment.

“Washington Medical Workers,” was the name of one of the clinics that consisted of 3 Prosser students, Brenda Ixta, Froy Contreras, and Edith Raya. Their project was that they had found the cure for cancer, and they had to figure out how to budget. They had to figure out the cost, the demand for this product, and what kind of profit would they make. This clinic received 3 certificates, Best Memo Score, First Place Overall, and Best Board of Directors Presentation.

“Everyone there was really nice and helpful. This was an awesome experience for me,” Edith Raya exclaimed.

We were very fortune to have taken 15 students to this event! At first, the students were a little homesick, but by the time we had to leave, most of them wanted to stay. Prosser had another individual who was well recognized at the camp, Enrique Acevedo. He was always interacting with everyone at the camp, which is why he was asked to introduce the guest speakers for the ceremony! He also had a small part in the closing speech. He was very flattered to have been part of the ceremony. We also had three students participate in the Talent show. Pablo Vera, Cristyan Zepeda, and Enrique Acevedo performed a magic trick for everyone at the camp. We have a few students who asked to be a representative of Washington Business Week in Prosser! Overall the students had a great time and made new connections with other students their age.