GEAR UP is happy to introduce our new Peer Mentors at Prosser High School! These kiddos have made a commitment to assist GEAR UP staff in promoting GEAR UP events, spread information regarding SAT/ACT/ financial aid/ and scholarship opportunities to their peers. They will assist in GEAR UP meetings, spread the latest news about GEAR UP. Congratulations to Karla Martinez, Gabriel Orozco, Juana Martinez, and Jonathan Delgado! They will also create new ways to reach out to the student cohort at PHS. The peer mentors have attended a two day training at WSU Tri-Cities, where they learned different methods and strategies to accomplish just that!

PHS along with the help of GEAR UP, Heritage, and WSU reps, had a successful Financial Aid night on Oct. 3rd! We had over 30+ students and parents come in to receive help with completing the FAFSA/ WASFA. With the help of Heritage/ WSU reps, students and parents were able to complete the application hassle free. Parents were able to receive answers about the process of the application, and what the next step would be. Francisco, a rep from Heritage University, even offered to come in an additional day, to help those who were having trouble completing it at that time. It’s great to see a variety of professionals working on one goal, and that is college bound for the C/O 2017!

As GEAR UP continues their mission to guide students to pursue a post-secondary education, an Act Six & Ready to Rise representative, came down Oct.12th to speak to the students about their scholarship their programs have to offer. Ms. Catalina spoke about the Ready to Rise scholarship which is targeted to students in the lower valley. Her emphasis on the number of Latino students who complete a post-secondary education, and the number was a shocker. Students realized that with the right mindset and attitude one has towards continuing their education will only benefit them in the long run. Ms. Amber and Francisco, spoke about the Act Six scholarship, which is a full ride scholarship to Heritage University. Students were given information about the application process for the Act Six. Making students aware of the free money available to them for college is just one step closer for them to succeed in college.