As the school year comes to an end, GEAR UP will remain in function, as we help Prosser HS with its summer school program and take students to the varies summer camp that are being offered. GEAR UP staff has been working diligently to expose cohort students to different opportunities for post-secondary education. These summer camps will be a great exposure of college life to the students.

To begin with, we will be taking 15 students to Washington Business Week for a whole week. Here the students will be able to experience life on campus, talk to professionals in the business/healthcare field. They will get to experience their career of choice first hand during this week. The students will also receive two college credits, which can be transferred to their college of choice. A parent night was held to answer any questions they might have had about the program. The camp will take place at Gonzaga University from July 10-16th.

Columbia Basin College is hosting a summer camp that will prepare the students for college success, and our site will be taking at least 10 students. They will explore careers, and learn different techniques that will prepare them for college. This is a four day camp, where students will receive two college credits for CBC, after completing the camp. This is an awesome opportunity for cohort students who are thinking of attending CBC.

Last, but not least, we have the Seattle College Tour. We are taking 24 students to the Seattle area for three days, to visit a variety of colleges and universities. Bellevue Community College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, and Highline Community College are just a few of the institutes that we will be visiting. We are looking forward to visiting all the institutes and see what their school has to offer. School policies will be enforced during this trip, and we have a parent volunteer who will help GEAR UP staff with the students.

PHS will be holding a summer program where students will be able to retrieve credits they have missed in previous years. GEAR UP staff will be helping cohort students to ensure they are meeting the deadlines for their credit retrieval. This program is called Red Comet, and will begin from June 16th- August 12th.

These are just a few events that will be taking place in the summer. As we end the 2015-16 school year, we will also be saying goodbye to our student tutors and ambassador officers.  The ambassador officers have completed their term in office, and received a certificate for their participation in the Ambassador program. Our student tutors have finished their final year in high school, and will be off to college. We are very proud of these young adults and are very fortune to have had such a smart, responsible group of tutors. Laura Barrera will be attending the University of Washington, Hailey Buttars will be attending BYU, and Gauge Frank will be attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  Thank you for your hard work you brought to this program, and good luck on your next adventure!