On Wednesday May 11, 2016 Kiona Benton City High School GEAR UP hosted a scholarship workshop after school and one on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 during lunch. The scholarship workshop was hosted in the KiBe High School computer lab.  The primary website used by the students was Unigo.com. This website has some scholarships that require students to write responses to prompts that are 250 words or less. During the May 11th workshop 4 students attended. As a reward, each of the students received a Dutch Bro’s gift card. During the May 24th workshop a total of 10 students attended the workshop. The increase in attendance was in part due to the GEAR UP ambassadors bringing a friend with them. As an incentive to the students completing scholarships, each scholarship they completed would get them an entry into a drawing for a Dutch Bro’s gift card.

The scholarship workshops were a great success! Each of the students in the workshop was able to get a least one scholarship done. Some students got up to 4 or 5 scholarships done! Due to this workshop being successful, KiBe GEAR UP plans on hosting a scholarship workshop every Wednesday after school in the upcoming school year to build consistency and place an emphasis on the importance of applying for scholarships.