Soap Lake High School juniors and seniors have a new elective. Students now have an opportunity to take a College Scholarship and Application class where they are able to work on scholarship applications, essays, and college applications. GEAR UP Site Manager and class instructor, Roger Chamberlain, says “The focus of the class is scholarship applications but there is so much more we are able to do. There is a particular focus on writing personal essays customized for the scholarship application. College application season is coming also and we will work on putting together a strong application.” Other activities include career interest surveys and best college fit.

Some of our class members have set some pretty high goals concerning scholarships. Several students have set a goal to apply for over 200 scholarships this year. “That is a lot of work” says Chamberlain, “but each one gets a little easier because you can build on the work you have done on the previous one. Students use many resources including Unigo, The Washboard, and Scholarship Junkies.

Soap Lake is offering 2 sections of this new elective. Soap Lake GEAR UP is proud to be working with such motivated students and help them build the future they are willing to work for.