With the last day of school one short month away and our sophomore and junior cohort students one step closer to the new adventure of becoming juniors and seniors, we spent the last few weeks meeting with our College Bound students. Like all College Bound students, our Southridge students signed up in 7th or 8th grade and like most students, they had completely forgotten this amazing opportunity existed! For some students College Bound can make or break the choice to attend college and for others it can be the motivation to keep them on track with grades. We were happy to find that most of the College Bound kids are on track to receive their scholarship money, when they graduate!

We met one on one with all College Bound students and explained why they were receiving the scholarship, what it meant for them, and how to guarantee they will be given this award when they graduate. We reviewed each student’s grades with them and, if they needed one, discussed a plan for strategy to improve their grades. We went over the list of colleges and universities the scholarship would qualify for and in turn discussed each student’s 5 year plan. By giving out this information, it is our hope that it has motivated students to think of their future plans, make new goals and figure out what it takes to achieve them!