It’s July and that means it’s time for STEM Camp at WSU Tri-Cities. 9 interested Southridge HS students attended 1 or both STEM (Science, Math, Engineering, Technology) camps this year: CSI Science & Robotics.

First was CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Science camp where students learned about forensic investigation. One of the camp counselors was ‘murdered’ and the students spent the week working to identify the killer! They started with learning how to investigate a crime scene and then learned about blood spatter, fingerprints, hair and fibers, shoe prints, and testing evidence. They were treated to several guest speakers, including a Richland police officer, who discussed evidence collection and processing by police. They investigated the crime scene, including collecting evidence and taking photographs, interviewed suspects, and processing evidence which lead them to find the killer. The students enjoyed learning about forensic science, while trying to solve the murder.

The second camp was Robotics camp. 4 Southridge students had to design robots to meet their choice of tasks. These students really got into ways to complete the tasks and building all sorts of different robots. One of the robots was designed to not cross black electrical tape. Another robot is supposed to kick a ball. A third was designed to dance and wiggle. The main challenge for the students is not just building the robot, the problem is programing it to perform the desired action. The students enjoyed building their robots and testing them, so much they complained at the end of each day, when they had to stop!