The GEAR UP Peer Mentoring training was an amazing experience.  These two days were incredibly helpful and insightful.  From the ice breakers, to the group activities, to the sessions with WSU Tri-Cities students.  It all was a very informative experience.  The next day I had the pleasure of meeting Latrell Armstrong who gave the attendees the Focus Training. Not only was it informative, but Mr. Armstrong gave my peers and I the knowledge and awareness of what GEAR UP is capable of doing and how we can spread the idea of education after high school.  Mr. Armstrong showed us how to reach out as mentors, how to host GEAR UP events at our school, and how to develop bonds with these students who previously never thought about college.

I received a lot of insight from the college and career exploration.  Discussions with WSU students and students from other high schools brought me to think about my plan for after high school and how I can help others to think about their education after high school.  These discussions and activities made me improve my communication skills as well as my social skills.  The Focus Training on the second day equipped me with all the necessary skills to be a mentor at my school.  Team development was a huge topic at this training and this improved my teamwork skills as well as leadership skills.  I was introduced to the idea of "effective communication" which really impacted the way I talk to my peers and the students who I help mentor.

The GEAR UP Peer Mentoring Training was not only fun, and insightful, but it gave me the skills to introduce my peers to GEAR UP.  I love and support GEAR UP and its resources.  I walked into this training as a student involved in GEAR UP, and I came out as a GEAR UP student/mentor thanks to this training.