Upward Bound started in 1964 as a result of the Equal Opportunity Act in an effort to provide opportunity for higher education to historically under-represented populations.

Students in Upward Bound are four times more likely to earn an undergraduate degree than those students from similar backgrounds who did not participate.

Upward Bound staff work one on one with each student and are personally committed to the success of their students.

Washington State University Upward Bound is a project designed to provide educational assistance and support to eligible high school students to complete high school and continue on to college. Students accepted into the project will receive academic support, tutoring, mentoring, career exploration, counseling, and the opportunity to participate in summer programs at WSU - Pullman.

Upward Bound - Yakima Valley:

  • Eisenhower High School
  • White Swan High School

Who is eligible for UPWARD BOUND?

  • Students in 9th-11th grades attending a participating high school
  • Student has a desire to attend college after graduation
  • Family is income eligible or Parents have not completed a four year college degree
  • Student is a U.S. Citizen or in the process
  • Student and parents can commit to participation in the program throughout high school

How long will I be in the program?

Once accepted, you and your parents will be expected to participate while you are enrolled in high school, until graduation.

What is the Summer Program?

The summer program is for 4-weeks on the WSU Pullman campus. Students will live in a residence hall and receive instruction, earn high school credit, attend groups, events and activities in the Pullman area.

Is there a special program for HS Seniors?

Yes, it is the summer “Bridge” program designed to help eligible graduating seniors transition form high school to college. Bridge participants enroll in up to 6 semester hours of college courses at WSU-Pullman, receive college survival support, and live in residence with the other Upward Bound students.

What does the program cost?

The Upward Bound program is provided free to students and their families. Funding for the program comes from a federal grant through the Department of Education.

Will I earn money while in the program?

Students earn a stipend based on participation and performance. During the academic year it is up to $40 per month and during the summer, up to $60 per month.

How do I join Upward Bound?

Contact Upward Bound Program Director Rhonda Gardinier at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.